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Over Kellet Parish Council

The Parish Council is a civil local authority and the first tier of local government. It has certain tax raising powers (through levying a “precept” collected with the Council Tax) and it's remit is to improve community well-being and provide better services at local level. Its activities fall into three main categories: representing the local community, delivering certain services to meet local needs, and improving quality of life and community well-being. In practical terms:

  • through the employment of the Lengthsman, and in conjunction with volunteers, looks after the village greens and local footpaths

  • is responsible for renting out the allotments behind Church Bank

  • liaises with and monitors the activities at Leaper’s Wood and Back Lane quarries

  • provides the major financial support for the village magazine, The Over Kellet View

  • monitors and comments on all planning matters which may have an impact on the village

  • makes representations to Lancaster District Council and Lancashire County Council on road safety and traffic calming measures.

  • appoints the trustees of the Thomas Withers Charity

  • provides the bus shelter at the village hall

  • organises events which will benefit the community, such as the erection and lighting of the Christmas tree on the village green

  • appoints one of the trustees of the village hall

  • maintains the SPID (Speed Indicating Device)

  • above all it is committed to safeguarding the environment and quality of life in our ancient village

Particular plans for 2016/2017

  • in conjunction with St Cuthbert’s Church again organise a suitable Act of Remembrance on Remembrance Sunday, November 13th -  starting in the church and finishing on the village green

  • erect a Christmas tree on the village green and in conjunction with Wilson’s Endowed Primary School and St Cuthbert’s Church organise a ‘switch-on’ event on December 3rd.

  • form a sub-comittee to produce an Emergency Plan for the village to safeguard the well-being of residents should abnormal events occur, such as flooding or loss of power

  • in conjunction with St. Cuthbert’s Church produce an information pack for distribution to new residents moving into the village

  • construct a bus shelter on the village green

  • construct a viewing area and a seat at the top of Mrs Shuttleworth’s field at the top of Cockle Hill in recognition of HM The Queen’s ninetieth birthday

  • in conjunction with the School, Church and other village organisations organise an Autumn village ‘gala’ on 24th September.

  • promote the installation of hyperfast broadband in the village through the joining of the B4RN project.

Over Kellet Parish Councillors

Over Kellet is entitled to elect up to 7 councillors, a quorum being 3. Elections take place by secret ballot every four years. The council meets monthly (except in August) on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.15pm in Wilson’s Endowed Primary School. Any resident is welcome to attend as an observer. The Annual Meeting takes place in May, at which the Chairman is elected for the ensuing year.

Nick WardNick Ward
Chairman and responsible for liaison with local quarries

Graham AgnewGraham Agnew
Vice Chairman and representative on the LALC

Margaret FowlerMargaret Fowler
Liaison with the lengthsman and Village Tidy Group

Stephen AtkinsStephen Atkins
Village Allotments liaison

Rebecca LauderRebecca Lauder
Village Hall Trustee

Michael WatsonRobert Bailey

District Council

Roger MaceRoger Mace
District Councillor


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