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truckokThis section elicited the second highest number of comments (102), 3 less than those about Council utilities.  The main problem areas were speeding, the lack of off road parking and the large number of heavy lorries still using our Parish roads.  There were 11 responders who saw 'No problems'.

30mphSpeeding through the village was seen as a major problem by 37 of the 165 respondents.  A series of wide ranging 'cures' were offered:- speed cameras, rumble strips/sleeping policemen on all access roads, more frequent Police speed checks, a truck1large '30' painted in red circles in the centre of all access roads to the Parish, moving the 30 mph sign towards Kirkby Lonsdale, traffic lights, a by-pass.

The volume of H.G.V. traffic in the village raised adverse comments from 30 people.  There were calls for the inter quarry road to be completed, to a ban on all H.G.V. traffic through the village by 5 people.  The closure of the quarry was the solution advocated by one person.

longtonParking problems were more related to roads within the village rather than roads from the village to the Parish boundaries.  The main problem was seen to be with the older type of house/cottage with no facilities for off road parking.  Suggestions to alleviate part of the problem included all those vehicle owners with parking facilities (garage or driveway) should use them in preference to parking at the pavement edge.

narrowsA major pedestrian concern for a number of people was the lack of pavements, either total or non contiguous.  These specifically referred to Kirkby Lonsdale road and the Narrows.





busAlmost half the returns (75) expressed an opinion about bus services and over 60% of these were satisfied.  The main concerns expressed were of the poor evening and weekend services.  The fact that no bus service operated from Lancaster after 5.08 pm was a great inconvenience.  People were also critical of the poor timing of services for connections with buses and trains at Carnforth.

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23 February 2020