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1.   Health Services

The general opinion was that the existing health services were satisfactory.  However, there is a desire to have chiropody and pharmaceutical services within the village.

2.  Village Shop and Post Office

shopoutsThe majority of replies indicated that the village shop/post office was mainly used on a weekly basis, followed by a lower percentage of people using them on a daily basis. 
It is generally felt that the Shop and Post Office are important to the village and are seen to have a wider social use in addition to their normal functions.


3.  Mobile Shops and Library

mobileThese services are seen as important assets, although only a small number of people actually use them.
In order to preserve these and other amenities there has to be evidence of public usage/demand.  If not used they will be withdrawn and once gone they will be gone forever.  The old saying applies "USE IT OR LOSE IT"


4.  Public Telephone

teleboxThis facility is, as expected, mainly used on an occasional basis, but is still a very important facility within the village.  However one public telephone is totally inadequate when the size of the village is taken into account.

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