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5.  Police Service

Only 7% of the respondents were critical of the Police service and 86% were satisfied.  The Police Authority in this area should take note.  One comment of note was that "our Policeman has to spend far too much time on other duties".
Many other comments referred to the control of speeding traffic rather than crime.

6.  General Services

sweeperThis section of the questionnaire produced a wide range of comments on Local Council services and essential supply services.







Road Surfaces and Drainage

flood2In general the road surfaces would appear to be satisfactory, however, comments were made in regard to manhole covers not being level with the road surface and roads being bumpy where excavations had been carried out to facilitate pipe or cable repairs.
Drainage comments referred to roadside drainage grids being clogged with leaves etc. and hence not being able to drain off.  A major problem was highlighted outside End Cottage and this is now receiving attention.

Road Sweeping

chillcotThere were complaints about certain areas where the mechanical sweeper is unable to clean up to the walls e.g opposite the Village Hall, the lower end of Cockle Hill and in the Narrows.  There have been many requests via the Parish Council to the District Council but the problem is still not resolved.

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