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Snow Gritting 

greensno59% of the replies were satisfied but 32% were not.  Complaints were that gritters moved too fast putting more grit in doorways than on the road, that gritting on side roads was poor and that more gritting bins were required on side roads and the bins at present in place should be topped up on a more regular basis.




Refuse Collection

dustbin2Excellent.  93% gave this service a 'pat on the back'.  There were comments that residents would like to see garden refuse collected in this way - Council take note.







footpathA high proportion of residents had comments on this subject.  The main comment being the lack of a contiguous pavement within the village i.e. Cockle Hill, the Narrows and leaving the village via Capernwray Road.  Secondary comments were the narrowness of some existing pavements and the lack of any pavement to the Church. A high proportion of the adverse comments referred to dog fouling and especially in autumn, the non-removal of leaves, which rotted and made the pavements slimy and slippery.

Street Lighting

strtliteThere were conflicting opinions on this subject, some thought that the street lighting was too bright and others that it should be made brighter.  68% of the replies expressed their satisfaction with the street lighting.

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23 February 2020