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Bus Stops 

bstop250Of the 77 comments on bus stops, 47% were satisfied and 15% were not.  As expected, there were requests for shelters at bus stops and also as expected there were many comments on the danger involved when alighting from buses on the blind corner at Church Bank - a perennial problem discussed annually but still not resolved.


Water Quality and Pressure

Satisfactory, but:- sometimes tasting and smelling of chlorine, sometimes brownish in colour and at other times too low in pressure.


flood1Acceptable except for one leak outside 'The Gables' on the Green - since the Appraisal this has been repaired.  The main and oft repeated comment was 'all unadopted sewers should be adopted by the Council' - Council again take note.




Litter Bins

litterThere were numerous requests for additional litter bins and for the existing bins to be emptied on a more regular basis.
Numerous complaints were made in regard to the inadequacy of the bin in the layby on the Carnforth Road.








Postal Service

post91% approved of the present service.









pathThe numerous comments received gave an indication of the importance the users place on these village pathways.  They are uneven due to tree roots pushing up the tarmac, they need lighting, especially the well used path from the old Methodist Chapel to the Nether Kellet Road, they require regular clearing and cleaning and the householders whose property abuts these pathways must be aware of their responsibility for trimming the hedges and overhanging trees on a regular basis.

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