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nwlogo1A reasonable percentage of replies showed that there was an interest in Environmental improvement schemes, good neighbour schemes and voluntary local transport schemes and there was within the Parish a pool of people quite prepared to assist in the running of these schemes for a few hours per week or month, if and when these schemes were organised.  Several respondents remarked that a transport scheme was already in being, organised by the Church.

1.  Quarries

quarry2This section and the section on traffic problems, each elicited the greatest number of comments (102) of the whole questionnaire.  Of these comments 74% were complaining of quarry activity, 21% said they were not concerned by the quarries, 4% were supporting the presence of quarries and 2% had balanced views.  The area of quarry operation which gave rise to the greatest number of complaints were blasting, traffic and dust, with smaller numbers concerned about the possibilities of quarry expansion, noise and effects on the landscape.  The supporters of quarry activity were chiefly concerned about the provision of employment, both in the quarries and in associated transport companies.

2.  Improvements

grnfrm3454 people offered comments on improvements they would like to see in the village.  The majority (18) wanted to see more tree planting, particularly to hide the quarry, although several people complained about lack of care in tree planting in the residential part of the Parish, resulting in lost views.  Planting of shrubs (e.g.Village Green) were seen by several as a better alternative to trees.  A number of people reinforced comments earlier in the questionnaire about litter lying about - "if everyone cared for the little bit of road  verge outside their house , the village would be cleaner, tidier and look much better". Other improvements which people would like to see included:- more seats (The Green, Greenways); footpath improvements (the Narrows, Old Methodist Church to Nether Kellet Road); renovation of the War Memorial, the Church, the Village Hall and the Barn at The Eagles Head.  There were several other comments reflecting individual's 'wish lists', but a comment was made that the Village should not be made into a museum (e.g. Bavaria, Tyrol etc) because tourism is not important.

3.  Other Aspects

newsletThe majority of replies to this section of the Appraisal indicated that information and news was the most important factor for most residents.
A high percentage favoured a Parish Newsletter, others favoured the existing Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter.  Some wanted this Newsletter to expand to include additional information, although several thought that the Newsletters of the NHW, the Church the Hort.Soc, the School together with the W.I. provided adequate news of events throughout the Parish.
Whichever newsletter is favoured, it was felt that the additional information should be included i.e. historical notes, details of travelling shops and library and details of major interesting events occurring in the surrounding villages/towns.

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