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apprbookIn preparing an Appraisal Questionnaire, one has to tread a very fine line between asking all the questions to which one would like the answers to obtain a worthwhile picture and not imposing too large a burden on people completing it.  After considerable discussion, the final Questionnaire contained 171 slots or boxes for answers.  In the 165 completed replies there were, therefore, over 28,000 potential answers on 1,155 pages of Questionnaires.  Many of the questions required 'Yes or No' answers, but there were still a possible 15,000 answers to be extracted and collated.

apprlenSome intrepid Village Appraisal conductors have completed this process manually and one hesitates to consider their state of mind after completing it!  Fortunately, with help from a number of people, a computer programme was prepared and the results were condensed onto 69 A4 size pages.  For computer buffs, this was carried out on Lotus Approach, the 165 records were summarised on 9 Summary Reports of the statistics containing a total of 501 fields and 11 Columnar Reports containing over 60 pages of comments.

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