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The timing of this Appraisal at the beginning of February 1996 probably influenced some of the responses, particularly with reference to road gritting as this was quite relevant at the time.  Another influence of timing which was probably not as relevant was the application by Wimpey for the rephasing of their extraction in Leapers Wood Quarry.  Only the later returns could have been influenced by the news of this application.

Our Appraisal reveals a Parish which is generally happy with things as they are.  It does not want a lot more housing, major employment or more tourism.  Above all it does not want to see it's rural character changed.  It's main concerns are for safer roads, additional and cleaner pavements and more leisure outlets for it's youth.

This Appraisal  has  highlighted a whole range of matters that the Parish Council can examine and take up with the Local/County Council and others.  They will have to decide on the priorities and achievability of the many suggestions/ proposals and whether any of them are a community responsibility.

It is obvious from the replies received to this Appraisal that the majority of residents within the Parish are keenly interested in the Parish and wish to maintain it's present status/standard and where practical to improve the standard to the betterment of the whole Parish community.

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Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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23 February 2020