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First of all my grateful thanks to all the one hundred and sixty five households who took the time to tackle the quite lengthy questionnaire and who took the trouble to add their many valuable comments and suggestions.

My grateful thanks also to the other members of the steering committee, John Bassinder, Margaret Cobb, John Cooper, Bob Escolme and Frankie Wells for their invaluable work in preparing the questionnaire and digesting the results.

Thanks to all the members of Neighbourhood Watch who were involved in the distribution and collection of the Questionnaire.

Thanks to Miss Joanne Hayhurst of the Community Council of Lancashire for her help in providing other examples of Village Appraisals for reference and ideas.

To Bob Escolme, who has been researching and recording the history of Over Kellet for many years, for providing his insight into the History of Over Kellet at the front of this booklet.

Finally thanks to Len Thornton who has spent many, many hours on his personal computer preparing the original questionnaire and the material/data from those questionnaires in the preparation of this booklet.  Without his support we would never have attempted, nor completed, this Appraisal.

A.G. Angus

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Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Last update:
23 February 2020