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The Parish suffered, as did all rural communities, in this decline. There were over a hundred landowners and smallholders in 1805 and only half that number forty years later. By 1910 there were but five major landowners and eleven smallholders. Economic necessity forced many to sell. Population figures mask the true state of affairs.

open250From just over 400 inhabitants in 1801 there were an extra 100 by 185, which might seem to indicate a degree of prosperity. This was not so. In that same period approximately 500 men, women and children left the Parish. There was the 'pull' of the presumed higher wages in the towns; there was the 'push' of living on or below the subsistence level here.


oldhfmIn such a small community of under 100 homes there must have been much distress at such an upheaval. This continues on a reduced scale up to the end of the nineteenth and into the twentieth century. The population fell below 350 in 1931 - it's lowest for 150 years.



hallgar2Much of the information in this brief account has been gleaned from the researches of Dr William Farrer of Hall Garth. Without him, we would have little knowledge of old Kellet. However, he did have a blind spot. He recorded little that was contemporary to 1900 - 1910. We have a considerable body of facts about say, the 1830s, but not of the 1900s.


chchbankDuring the 1950s, and 60s there was a surge in house building and consequent increase in population. Church Bank was built around a lovely large circular green and many houses and bungalows were built in Leapers View and Greenways. During the 1970s Kirklands fields were taken for a development of individually built houses again increasing the Village population.

Perhaps some future historian will mine useful material on the lifestyle of the Parish and it's preoccupations, from what follows.

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