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graphThe appraisal showed that 11 (7%) residents had been born in the Parish and 106 (64%) of the respondents had resided here for over 10 years.  This would indicate a stable population and confirms the impression that most people enjoy living in this Parish.  The latest census (1991) shows that the population of the Parish is 920.  The total number of people recorded in the Appraisal returns was 368.

There is a relatively high car ownership averaging 1.5 cars per household on the questionnaires completed.  258 (77%) people listed their car as the main means of transport, 37 (11%) the bus, 30 (9%) walked and 7 (2%) went by train.

As could be anticipated, there is a higher proportion of residents in the mature age groups, 24% in the 25 - 44 year group, 35% in the 45 - 64 group and 19% over 64 year group.  The lower age groups showed 15 children under 5 years, 11 between 5 and 10 years, 12 between 11 and 15 and 41 between 16 and 24 years.  The male and female population balance is relatively equal with 175 males (47.6%) and 193 females (52.4%), this is identical with the proportions in the current Electoral Roll and within 1% of the 1991 census.

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Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Last update:
23 February 2020