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Village Plan

This plan of the village shows the position of The Green, Hall Garth, the Store and Post Office, the Eagles Head, the Village Hall, the Church,the School, the War Memorial(W), The Town Well(T) the Village Pump(P)and the Greenways Pond(G) 

memorialnewThe Village War Memorial

The Village War Memorial was erected after the First World War with a broken off limestone column to represent the cutting off of the lives of those who were killed as a result of war


The Dub

The Dub
(Greenways Pond)

The pond in Greenways is home to five species of native British amphibians - Great-crested, Smooth and Palmate Newts, Common Toad and Common Frog. Such ponds are not common. There is also a small population of dragonflies. Rarer species that have occurred are Yellow-winged, Black and Ruddy Darters. Bladder Sedge, a plant uncommon in Lancashire is present.
The pond was donated to the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside in 1992 by the late William Huck of Holme, so that he was able to build the adjacent house. As the Trust owns the site it is eligible for funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund.
Some improvements have already been made and more are to follow.
There is free access to the site at all times.

The word 'Kellet' means 'Spring' in Northern England.
Over Kellet and Nether Kellet, our neighbouring village, must refer to springs on upper or more northerly side of the hill and on the lower or more southerly part of the hill respectively.

Situated just north of the Village Green, the 'Town Well' runs with clear clean water all year round and in the eighteenth century was trained through stone troughs for watering horses.

Village Pump

The village pump outside Hall Garth no longer operates, but must have been one of the main sources of water prior to the twentieth century.
Due to glacial deposits and local limestone bedrock, there is no large river or beck flowing above ground through the village.

Town Well


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Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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