After the war, times were more prosperous and the Hall was put to greater use. There were dances - ballroom, old time and barn, the Horticultural Society held committee meetings and its Annual Show, whist drives, beetle drives, bingo and jumble sales were also held. Country Dancing was popular and fashionable then and Miss Townson ran classes for several years (Miss Janet Bennett provided the 'music' on an old piano). There was an Annual Hunt ball and a flourishing Drama Group, the latter put on plays regularly, mostly comedies and farces.

The Rev. Hoban staged pantomimes in the Hall in the early 60s with casts consisting entirely of children which played to packed houses for several nights, many of the audience coming from his previous Parish in East Lancashire. He wrote the scripts incorporating many local,topical allusions and he also provided 'Elsans' for the comfort of his audiences! The stage at that time was temporary and had to be taken from a lean to store at the rear of the Hall called 'The Duck Hole', and erected for use. There was also a boys club for a few years at that time. In the days before 'Television Politics', elections were fought at grass roots level and election meetings were held in the Hall by aspiring MPs.

Despite these activities there was a crisis in 1965 when a committee could not be formed and the W I stepped in and took over the running of the Hall for some time. A further revival followed and in 1973 the flat roofed extension towards Church Bank was erected by volunteers with materials donated by the quarry. Following initiatives by young mothers in the village a Playgroup was established in the late 70s and has continued to thrive.

garageAnother crisis occurred in the late 80s due to lack of support and this was followed by further hard work to promote the Hall in the 90s. Repairs were needed to the flat roof, the kitchen was brought up to the standard required by increasingly stringent legislation, new toilets and a new gas heating system were installed and a garage was bought to store the many artefacts required for the running of the Hall and the organisations using it.

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Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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23 February 2020