poundMuch hard work, fund raising and prudent financial control throughout the 90s ensured that the Hall activities flourished again. In 1996 there were over 900 hours of booked use during the year and financial reserves had been built up to over 12,000.


vhside2At this time the state of repair of the original parts of the Hall (roof and remaining wooden walls) was giving cause for concern, in addition the Hall was essentially the same as in 1929, so a decision was made to investigate the options for repair. It quickly became apparent that to attract funding for work to be carried out, a more comprehensive project had to be formulated to address the needs of the village in the 21st Century.

apprbookA Parish Appraisal was initiated in 1996 and the results indicated some of the desires of residents. It was thought that training, vocational and non vocational courses and Information Technology were likely to generate activities in the Hall by people of all ages, in addition to attracting funding and be the way into the new Millennium. It was considered important not to destroy everything that had gone into the Hall over the previous 70 years. This is a tribute to the very many hard working former Committee members who, often against great odds and sometimes with apathy from within the village, have kept the Hall alive.

vhvfieldA dedicated Committee have, in two years, raised over 185,000 from outside the village and about 50,000 from within the village to design and build a redeveloped Hall. The thanks to those who have helped are chronicled in the commemorative booklet as well as in the Hall and it is hoped that this reinforces the support of the village for the activities in the Hall. From the users of the Hall and activities which take place there, you will be able to see that all the efforts to rebuild were worthwhile.

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Over Kellet, Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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23 February 2020