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origi250Demolition and Rebuilding of Over Kellet Village Hall

In early 1997 the decision was made to consider repairing the Hall, but we soon realised that to renew the roof and walls would cost far more than we had. Community Council of Lancashire suggested that we were in a' window of opportunity' where many grants were coming on stream, particularly Millennium Lottery Funding was available through the prestigious '21st Century Halls for England' scheme.xmash250 This we applied for along with European and lots of other funding to raise enough to fulfil the needs of a 21st Century Hall.

During early May 1998 the Hall was taken over by Piningtons of Lancaster and the demolition started. One of the old walls and the old roof can be seen on this photograph. These were to be demolished and the hall extended to the boundary wall. The entrance has been changed to the other end of the Hall.

demol250The old stage, kitchen and hall can be seen as they were for the 1997 Christmas season, prior to work starting in May 1998.

During the intervening months the back of the stage was cleared and the stage and kitchen bar demolished by villagers.


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18 December 2019