Village Twinning

The Kellets - Bussières Twinning Association

'Friendship sculpture' of the hands in Over Kellet Village Hall.

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Roger_signsbigThis Association was started in 1998 at the suggestion of the Rev. John Bidder of Nether Kellet. Successful preliminary visits between the communities of Nether Kellet and Bussières were made in 2000, after which Over Kellet also joined the Association.


Roger Griffiths
(chairman of O.K. Parish Council)
signing the charter


smlbussignIn 2002 there were exchanges between Bussières and the Kellets to formalise the twinning arrangements. The twinning Charter was signed by the Chairmen of both Over Kellet and Nether Kellet Parish Councils and by officials of the Twinning Associations. There was another signing ceremony in France (see photo).



smltwinningBussières is a village of 1500 inhabitants 60km west of Lyons, in the hills between the valleys of the Rhöne and the Loire. It lies just south of the Beaujolais wine region and, like Over Kellet, is in an area of scenic and historic interest.

Exchange visits between our countries are now made in alternate years. The Twinning Association has been successful in obtaining grants from the EC in the past to assist with the expenses of such visits. We now have a programme of fundraising events to support the Twinning exchanges. We aim to improve knowledge and understanding of another EU community and to involve the young people of the Kellets in these exchanges since they are the future of the Association. We hold regular social activities and everyone is welcome to attend these.

Events are advertised in the Over Kellet View and Round and About in Nether Kellet. The most recent visit report can be found in the October issue of Over Kellet View on P20.

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