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Miss Dale Sizer |
A friend i made on holiday in Malta last year suggested that i check out Over Kellet on the internet as he is resident there and has been all of his life. I have to say, it is beautiful and very picturesque as i imagined it would be when my friend was speaking fondly of village life there. I hope to visit that neck of the woods in the near future.
Friday 6 February 2009 - Haverhill, Suffolk

Frank Preston |
Came across this site purely by accident. As I was born and brought up on Kellet Road, Carnforth, and therefore spent a great deal of my childhood in and around Over Kellet and Kellet Seeds, I found it very interesting. It is certainly a village that has gone through enormous change. However, unlike the villages in the area I now live (County Durham), this change has been in keeping with the character of the village and its environs, and has not been overpowering. Long may it continue to be so.
Tuesday 16 December 2008 - Durham

Webmaster comments   Thank you for your kind remarks. Over Kellet is a vibrant community with many committed residents who give up a lot of their free time to make the village a wonderful place to live. Season's greetings to you and all our visitors.

Derek. T. Longton |
This message is in response to Steven E. Fell (Dec 2006). We also visited OK in Aug-Sep 2006 to research my family that has many roots in the village (eg Longton Cottages). Your Great great Grandfather Richard Waller married Mary Longton in Feb 1848 at OK. Mary is my Great Grandaunt (ie my Great Grandfather's (George) sister). George was a churchwarden at St. Cuthberts in 1827 and had farms in the area. the village looked wonderful in 2006 and we are looking forward to seeing it again this year in sunny September.
Wednesday 23 July 2008 - Buderim, Queensland, Australia

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