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Gerard Hearne |
Why do the road signs show the Kellets as being twinned with Bussieres when it should of course be Bussières?
Saturday 3 February 2007 - Hest Bank

Webmaster comments   Perhaps they were short of paint...?

Paul Kellett |
I came through your village a few years ago on my way to a bible school near by. My family has been trying to trace any conections with the village ever since. We were told that originally the village and surrounding area were given to the De Kellets after the Norman invasion of 1066 or soon there after is this correct? How does Over Kellet get its name?
Tuesday 16 January 2007 - Bedford, UK

Webmaster comments   The word 'Kellet' means 'Spring' in Northern England.
Over Kellet and Nether Kellet, our neighbouring village, must refer to springs on upper or more northerly side of the hill and on the lower or more southerly part of the hill respectively.

Steven E. Fell, Cordova, Tennessee, USA |
I visited your village on 5 Aug 2006. I found your village to be very charming and beautiful. My great grandmother Mary Waller Fell was born and raised there. Her father Richard Waller was a farmer in Over Kellet. Mary and her husband George Fell lived in Ulverston until they moved in 1883 to El Paso,Illinois, USA

I hope to come back and visit longer the next time. Happy Christmas!! Steve
Saturday 23 December 2006 - Cordova, Tennessee, USA

Webmaster comments   We're very lucky to live in this part of the world. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. A very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and to all our guests!

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