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Elsie Cragg |
I seem to have a little trouble seeing my message. A technical hitch? I was wondering what these little symbols do. Congratulations on your lovely new internet pages.
Wednesday 11 October 2006

Webmaster comments   Not sure why you can't see your message Elsie. The messages are in chronological order - (3 per page,newest first), so I suppose it's just a matter of using the numbered page links at the top to see older messages. The little symbols are called smilies or emoticons which you can include in your message to express a "feeling" such as :)

Rick Blaisdell |
My earliest ancestor Johannes Bleasdale was born in Over Kellet in 1490. Is there a source which I can verify this information? Thank you so very much, Rick Blaisdell
Tuesday 5 September 2006 - Chester, Vermont USA

suzanne jones |
Just researching my family tree - my name was Ireton before I married. I have visited the area regularly as I don't live too far away and often wondered whether I was related to the family who owned the Ireton hardware store. I have now traced my great great great grandfather William born in 1828 in Kellett and I am wondering whether I do have connections with the area after all. If this name rings a bell with anyone I would be pleased to hear from you. Especially if anyone knows who Williams parents were as I seem to be stuck now. Thanks
Thursday 13 April 2006 - Horwich

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