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Elsie Cragg
It's good to see all the new features on the webite. I always look to see what has been updated with a nice cup of tea. I hope all continue to be well in Over Kellet.
Monday 21 November 2005

Roy Jones |
Very interesting web site.
Especially for me an ex Over Kellet resident having lived at "Shenstone" and "Well House" in the '50's - then I emigrated to New Zealand.
It is excellent being able to view my old home from the other side of the world.

Best wishes

Roy & Margaret Jones
Sunday 3 July 2005 - Parua Bay, WHANGAREI, New Zealand

andi wilson sona |
Hi, I lived in Over Kellet in the mid 70's for about 1 1/2 yrs. while my step father attended Capenwray Bible School. I lived in a flat right on the edge of town and walked to school in Carnforth. After returning to the states I have lost contact with friends that I met. I would love to hear from anyone living there during this time. I remember being there during the Queens Silver Jubilee, walking down to the square and shopping. I was only 12-14 so my memories are sometimes sketchy, sorry. I think this site is great and has finally given me a life-line to my past! thanks alot, Andi
Tuesday 21 June 2005 - Harper, Kansas U.S.A.

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