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Geraldine (jerry) Kellett Peebles |
My daughter lived in London a few years and we travelled to OverKellett and NetherKellett on our way to Peebles, Scotland.....such beautiful villages and area. I am wondering if my family came from that area originally. My Kelletts didn't do a very good job of keeping records to pass down to the younger generations. I find my family first in Tennessee, then in Lawrence and Sharp County Arkansas.
Tuesday 7 June 2005 - Poughkeepsie, AR, USA

Graham and Susan Howarth |
Looking forward to visiting your village in Oct 05.We will be staying with our family Ron and Bett Howarth.We will be exploring the area and visiting the local pub!
Sunday 8 May 2005 - Sandstone point. Queensland. Australia.

Robert Rogerson | |
It was great to hear from Judith Pearson: she and her brother John were at Wilson's Endowed in the early 50s when I and my brother Jackie were. Are there any others checking this web site that were also there then? I plan to spend an afternoon in Over Kellet, probably Tuesday 3rd May this year: I'll start with lunch at the pub!
Thursday 17 March 2005 - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

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